October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Hope everybody stays safe, has fun, and enjoys the wonderful fall weather (well, it's wonderful here, anyway)! I've been in the Halloween spirit since last night, when I watched the latest episode of my favorite new TV show, Reaper (directed by Kevin Smith). With a premise like this, how can you go wrong: "On his 21st birthday, Sam discovers his parents sold his soul to the devil before birth and he must now be a bounty hunter for the devil until he dies." Good stuff. And hilarious, in inimitable Kevin Smith fashion. So that's my recommendation for holiday entertainment.

Plus I'm well into a copy of Skulduggery Pleasant by Derek Landy--walking, talking, hilarity-inducing skeletons are definitely great Halloween fare if, like me, you don't much care for horror. So I'll be sitting around, giving kids candy, munching pumpkin seeds, and reading a good book--sounds like fun to me!


tanita✿davis said...

Happy Halloween, I guess, or All Hallow's Eve, which it is here. Nobody celebrates here, few stores sell pumpkins because pumpkins are "a bloody American commercialism." There are no kids in this building, I've seen very few costumes, and the most exciting thing is that there was a Celtics game -- and they lost. (My Edinburgh neighbors are quite disappointed.)

Oh, and there was a spider outside the lift.

That's all the spooky you get from me.

tanita✿davis said...

Incidentally? People carve TURNIPS. That's why no pumpkins.

Mine were too small, so I ate them. :)

Mary Witzl said...

One year, I carved a turnip. They're a lot easier to do than pumpkins. Hint: use an apple corer for the eyes and nostrils and save yourself a lot of headaches.

Quite a few people in this town carved jack-o-lanterns from pumpkins this year. And Tesco's in Lockerbie had really good ones on sale for under a pound. I like to think it is my insidious Amnerican influence, but it's probably t.v. and Hollywood.