October 24, 2007

Cybils Nominations: Turning Up the Heat on the TBR List

GO. Read Mindy's review. I love, love, love finding new little bits of history expanded. Sometimes nonfiction is just so awesome.

Via Original Content, the Young People's Award Nominees from the National Book Awards have been interviewed -- some really interesting things to say about how they write, and what they think helped them make the cut.

"...other writer friends of mine have done it, and we’ve all had the same experience of feeling SO much better–and so much more at ease–dealing with the people from the publisher’s once we’ve shared a meal. Let me add I think it’s also important to do that with your agent. So much of our communication in publishing is by e-mail and phone call, but there’s nothing like spending a few hours with someone and getting to know them–and just as important, letting them get to know you. Publishing is a business of relationships. As those of you who came to the Kidlitosphere Conference know, there’s something way above and beyond about getting to talk to someone face-to-face, even when you think you already know him or her pretty well from all your correspondence. So yes, if you can afford it, send yourself to New York once a year and to wherever your agent is, if that’s someplace different. The cost of airfare and hotel is more than worth the benefit of building the most important relationships you’ll have as a professional writer."

Robin-the-Writer has been talking smart about things like writers and money and other ongoing writer's discussions. This is the kind of stuff people buy books to read, writers. Head over and jump into the conversation.

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