October 01, 2007

Because it's Banned Books Week...

...I thought I'd let you know that Harlequin Books is, according to NPR's Morning Edition, now online. eHarlequin - yet another way to pass the time at work...

More Wicked Cool Overlooked Books at Jenn Robinson's, and of course over at Chasing Ray's blog, where where the fun started.

Ysabeau Wilce reports that Flora, Redux IS FINISHED!!! YAY!

Meanwhile, I have a little frisson of excitement going on: The Cybils have begun! And the nominations in SciFi/Fantasy are already flying fast and fierce. Go forth! Nominate!


Anonymous said...

"erotic pulp"?!

Dude, if Blaze is what NPR considers "erotic pulp," what will they think of Spice or some of the e-pubs out there?

Best thing about eHarlequin? You can order the next month's books now. Wait, does that make sense? I mean, you can order November books now and they'll ship it right away, so it's not like a pre-order and you have to wait until November before they ship. And next month you can order December books, and so on. If you do the free shipping, it is slow, but, hey, free shipping.

*cough* says Trisha, who spends too much on books from eHarlequin, considering how rarely she actually likes the books *cough*

Oh, but to make another YA lit connection, Harlequin does have a line of YA books, Kimani TRU.

tanita✿davis said...

I know, I know, I KNOW!!! I just loved the fact that the word 'erotic' got used in conjunction with 'pulp.' Good old NPR.

And WOW on the free shipping and pre-ordering. Wish everyone would do that!!

tanita✿davis said...

BTW, has anyone yet read a Kimani TRU?

Anonymous said...

Haven't read a Kimani TRU book yet.

And I should have mentioned that the free shipping is for orders over $25, which can be kind of hard even with the number of books Harlequin publishes if you're not a fan of secret babies, amnesia, etc.