October 23, 2007

Two More Writing Gems

First, Kimberly Willis Holt is giving away a signed copy of Keeper of the Night, and if you've never read it, it's intense, and amazing; one of my favorites of hers. (Thanks, Cynsations, for the heads up.) Second, there's a piece by Ann Patchett at the Powell's blog all about setting. Worth reading, if you have time. Meanwhile, everyone is digging up their childhoods on Youtube. Well, I warn you: if you value your sanity, you'll avoid the Childhoods of Doom -- it includes sisters, and viral 80's clowns. Don't. Go. There. You have been warned.

On a brighter note: it's STILL snowing, and today's flakes have some unusual appeal. Aside from my favorite, which is Brian Lies' Freefall as posted at Greetings from Nowhere, there's a funky dancing snowman, an exquisite sloth (or "ai" in Scrabbletongue - kind of like Parseltongue, only infinitely cooler) at Bildungsroman, and the precious Chanté, who I am meeting for the first time! Don't miss Yuyi 'lighting up the Night' -- LITERALLY, over at Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast, where you'll find the whole blog tour schedule and all the archives.

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