October 11, 2007

Toon Thursday--Last Day to Enter Contest!

Today is the last day to enter the Toon Thursday contest--but I'm feeling generous, so I'll give you through tomorrow to leave your snappy answers at the original blog post. There's some stiff competition, and the grand prize winner will receive a cool prize, so put up your entry now! The grand prize winner and two additional winners will be immortalized in upcoming cartoons, much like Neil Gaiman up there in today's cartoon. (I should include a disclaimer here, which is that he doesn't actually say that when people ask him where he gets his ideas...at least not any more. Go read the essay. It's awesome.)


tanita✿davis said...

THAT is an EXCELLENT essay. I really love "listening" to NG talk - he could read a laundry list and somehow make it seem interesting, it would seem.

Sara said...

I wait by the side of the road and catch them as Idea Parade goes by.

UPS. Doesn't everyone?

Joyce Carol Oates sends me her hand-me-downs.

At the dentist. You have to dig through the free floss, toothbrushes, and stickers, but they're there, at the bottom of the prize box.

Clowns. (Yeah, you heard me.)

They SAY not to drink nail polish, but some of us don't listen.

Alexa D said...

Stephen King once said that his answer to that question was, "Utica".