October 27, 2007

Soup Weather

Where you live, it's probably lovely and warm, but today is soup weather here, and I just chucked two heads of broccoli and a fat head of cauliflower into a pot for soup (with the requisite six cloves of garlic, because let's face it: it's getting to be cold season). While that's simmering, I'm taking a lazy weekend wander through the web before I decide to build a nest of pillows and read my Cybils books.

Since the weather is gray and zestless, Patrick Girouard's snowflake has a lovely amount of action and color. Check it out at Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast. Today there are plenty of snowflakes to match the woolly weather mood -- bunnies in snowstorms, and partnering polar bears and penguins, but my favorite snowflakes today is Abigail Marble's hosted at Please Come Flying. The snowflake's title is "Making Snow," which is the only way we get it usually where I'm from!

I love the suggestions at the bottom of the post about how to show our appreciation of the snowflake. We're encouraged to write the illustrator a note, and say "Thanks!" And so, thank you Ms. Abagail Marble: We love your snowflake, and your use of watercolor somehow makes light and movement happen on a static page.

We have enjoyed paging through the featured illustrator's online portfolios. Abagail Marble's work, whether in acrylic or watercolor is muted and serene, yet has such movement. Each one tells a story. We're very interested in the book she illustrated, titled, My Secret Bully, because no bully should get to be kept a secret. What a great project.

And now the soup is bubbling, and I've got to dash. (Slowly.)
Happy Lazy Weekend. Have some soup!


Josephine Cameron said...

You're right...her watercolors *do* create light and movement. Truly stunning. Thanks for the link and for being a part of the Robert's Snow effort!

Jen Robinson said...

Hope you enjoyed your soup, T. I put garlic in almost everything I cook, regardless of the time of year (you know, except for desserts and breakfast foods). Enjoy!

Sarah Stevenson said...

I'm such a garlic fan, too. And I've been so excited about soup weather--it's just starting here, but leaves are beginning to change color, and that nip is in the air (most days, anyway). I love fall!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Josephine Cameron sent me your link. I really appreciate your kind words. What a great way to start a Monday morning.

Abigail Marble