October 16, 2007

Looking and Pointing and Saying "Oooh!"

Ooh! Ooh! Via -- somebody's blog the other day, (sorry, have lost the link now - was it Bookshelves of Doom?) I discovered the Powell's Books Blog! (Go, independent booksellers, whoo!) This is an entertaining blog of short reviews and opinions, AND it has YA content and CONTESTS. Yes. Just what you needed: another awesome blog in the blog reader... But go there anyway. It's well worth your time.

The Guardian Arts blog is about YA dystopia. The author mentions Catherine Fisher's Incarceron, and I note its place on my shelf with glee.

Thoroughly non-YA - myriad people read PostSecret, the blog. How many people will read PostSecret, the Book? Now in its fifth volume, the "Extraordinary Confessions of Ordinary People" continue to fascinate. I admit to finding the blog sort of intriguing, but also sort of disturbing. Mostly disturbing. By now I wonder if anyone is really telling real secrets anymore, or has it all become a sort of street theater? Anyway...

Via Ypulse, another visit to the UK's newest cool YA spot - Spinebreakers, where 13-18 year olds celebrate their favorite books by providing author interviews, alternate endings, videos, and interactive content to reach their reading peers. Some excellent interviews with Meg Rosoff, Nick Hornby and others. Since it launched in September, Spinebreakers has really taken on a professional look, and continues to have great content. Penguin Books has outdone itself.

It only seemed impossible until Jules and Eisha coordinated over sixty-five bloggers into a concentrated effort to promote awareness of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute fund raiser called Robert's Snow. Now, it's just what's being discussed over breakfast. Yesterday's count of one hundred and sixty nine blogs talking up the auction was music to our ears. A little effort from everybody, and we can make a difference. Check out the beautiful snowflake at Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast and find out today's snowflake gallery schedule. It includes the incomparable Selina Alko, hosted at Brooklyn Arden. Alko's art is a new discovery of mine -- so go, go, browse, ooh and aah. Whimsy awaits.

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