October 28, 2007

Awesome Art

Don't look now, but in our links at the left, there is a one to a PICTURE BOOK ARTIST. I know. I keep blaming Jules for my descent into board-book nerddom, but the fact is that I am fascinated with art, I blog with an ARTIST, for heaven's sakes, and I dearly wish that my few crayon scribbles resembled anything near as cool as the art of LeUyen Pham! Go check out her Halloween feature today at the 7-Imps Seven Kicks!

Also don't forget to check the flake forecast before you get too far into your weekend. What with dancing bears and Southwester piƱatas, there's a lot of color and life to see. Artist Kelly Murphy's snowflake is a tribute to The Greatest Crab Hunter, Connor Ciesielski. Visit Chat Rabbit to see a poignant tribute to a life well-lived.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for pointing the way toward Kelly Murphy's snowflake, and Liz's interview with her. That was truly lovely.

Anonymous said...

Hey, wait. You mean "picture book nerd-dom" -- not just board books. They're just a gateway drug.