October 13, 2007

Invasion of the Blue Creatures

Eoin Colfer described his first Artemis Fowl book as "Diehard with fairies." That interesting description would also have worked for The Supernaturalist, another book about being invaded by otherworldly... things, and fighting back. Only, this time, the fight might not really have made that much sense.

The Clarissa Frayne Institute for Parentally Challenged Boys is another for-profit place in the dystopian world of Satellite City, where the boys are used as guinea pigs for product testing of all kinds. Their lifespans are incredibly short, and they often die horrible deaths, and once you're there, the only escape is adoption or death. And who adopts fourteen year olds? Cosmo Hill knows his one chance at escape -- and death -- is all he's got, and he blows it. As he lies dying, a blue creature lands on his chest, looking into his eyes, and he feels no pain. He knows -- this is it -- until somebody rescues him.

The Supernaturalists fight supernatural beings they call the Parasites, and their band of believers makes a place for Cosmo. But things aren't what they seem -- ever -- and quite a few twists are in store for our hero and for readers too. Classic Colfer, there are Brutal Bad Guys and ambivalent good guys, and a great, fun read.

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