October 13, 2007

Back in Business: The Bindis Go Bollywood

Amber, Jazz, and Geena are at it again. It wasn't enough that they got into loads of trouble last time trying to get rid of Auntie, and marry her off to their dreamy teacher, Mr. Arora. Now they've decided to be good, and do something to get on Auntie's good side. When they find out that Auntie's offered to help host a Bollywood party to raise funds for rebuilding their school, they can't resist putting in an oar -- strictly to help, mind you. Finding out that there is a Bollywood star living right near them, and inviting her to be the honored guest at the party -- though she's retired and a recluse -- seems like one of Amber's greatest Great Ideas.

Naturally, it isn't. For a number of reasons, not the least of which is that former Bollywood star, Molly is not only ancient and a crone, she's just plain EVIL -- ! Amber's going to have to save the day again for the Bollywood Babes.

Another winner from Narinder Dhami, this lighthearted, fast-paced novel has a perfect, sassy bite, and is lots of fun for the wanna-be glamorous middle grade set.

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