October 04, 2007

Roll On, October

The October Country is a 1955 collection of twenty macabre short stories by suspense writer Ray Bradbury While not everyone in the kidlitosphere is a fan of the spooky, we are in favor of brilliant writing, and we salute Bradbury's genius in writing stories that catch readers off-guard, keeping them guessing -- and thinking.

Around the kidlitosphere today, there will be tons of stories celebrating the shivers this time of year brings. Throughout the day, Chasing Ray will have the full list of what's going on. From the first cold finger of frost to the last dying leaf, October Country celebrates the turn of the seasons, the unexplained, the unexpected, the unexplored -- the undiscovered country. Fasten your seat belts -- this ride has dark, sharp corners and steep drops.

Awesome photo credit: Fabrice Coffrini, AP Photo/Keystone

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