October 31, 2007

Could Shawna Tenney be any more adorable?

I am just loving this little glimpse into the ordinary lives of the extraordinarily generous and blessed illustrators that the hosts of the Robert's Snow Blogging for a Cure folks are giving us. Today I've seen the fabulously vast range of Rolandas Kiaulevicus, the Lithuanian illustrator whose snowflake is featured at a wrung sponge. Rolandas came to Connecticut to marry the girl he loved, with only his brushes, his bachelor's degree, and his talent -- and no English. He'd studied German in school, not thinking he'd go to America. But we do many things for love! How fabulous that his generous heart has made room to support the fight against cancer, too.

Kate Messner's blog is where you can see pictures of the adorable Shawna JC Tenney and her family, which includes her graphic designer husband, and two chewy-cheeked little cherubs who must keep her super busy. You will LOVE her work -- and let me tell you, I can't WAIT to see her quirky, whimsical, detailed illustrations in more books. I can just imagine all kinds of fractured fairytales and the like spilling from her accomplished pen. (Just LOOK at those sheep. They're a scream!) Blessed with all that talent, and could she BE any more adorable?

Don't miss the mega Monster Mo' Love at MotherReader's, and the inimitable J.Lo -- in space, no less -- at welcome to my tweendom. Lots of talent from lots of generous souls. A good ending to a great month.

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