October 07, 2007

Most Egregious Misuse - the Central Station

You will note that I DID try not to start right out in a new place with A Bad Attitude.

Many of you may feel my linguistic nitpicking is narrow minded, tight-fisted, ham-handed -- name your cliché. Many of you know that I am quite simply wrathful, sulking, pouting and ill-tempered, since so many people this weekend are out apparently having a lovefest -- without ME. So, I tried to temper my temper. I tried to have The Proper Attitude, tried saying to myself "This is a new place, I shall take it as I find it," tried whistling a happy tune -- but then, this.

And the 'taking things as I find them' thing -- went right out the window.

This is the MOST EGREGIOUS MISUSE I found today. When is that International Punctuation Day!??! Never mind next year's Kidlitosphere Conference in Portland. We need to begin preparing to open up a can of whoop-punctuation on some people, right now...


diane said...

The sad thing is that the word is spelled two different ways on the same sign.

Did they also go the "whole language" route in Europe?

Sarah Stevenson said...

You might be amused to know that I joined a Facebook group called "I judge you when you use poor grammar."

Saints and Spinners said...

I think it's perfectly clear:

Forgot to charge?


Okay, sorry, I can't even make it work. It's fun when the error actually turns the sentence into something else completely different.

Mary Witzl said...

I'm petty minded enough to enjoy these errors. They give me a pleasing, though admittedly false, sense of my own superiority.