December 01, 2007

She Has To Be The One

This book is a 2007 Science Fiction & Fantasy Cybils Award Nominee.

From the moment Keenan sees Aislinn, he wants her. He needs her. He believes that the sun could rise in her, if he could only get her to look at him.

But Aislinn's not going to look.
She's been told too much and too often: Don't look at the invisible. Don't see what isn't there. Throughout history, bad, bad things have happened to people who have looked and seen, with their Sight, what they ought not to have seen. Aislinn's grandmother has told her often enough. Don't look. Don't see. Don't hear. Don't listen. Even if there are faeries following you. Even if one of them has... a wolf.

Even if one of them has a wolf and another one is so gorgeous he makes your heart stop and you dearly dearlydearlydearly want to not only look at him but be with him and feel the sun on your face...

"Just Say No" has never been so close to impossible.

Aislinn isn't seriously thinking about Keenan, but she's not seriously thinking about Seth, either. Gorgeous, good Seth who has been a friend, such a good friend for such a long time. He's a safe friend, someone who lives surrounded by cold iron. Nobody can touch her in Seth's boxcar. There, she's safe from everyone... except the gorgeous boy who lives there, and except her own heart.

Seth could be the whole world for Aislinn. Except for one little thing: Keenan.

Keenan insists that she's the girl he's been searching for -- for nine long centuries. Donia, The Winter Girl, warns Aislinn that Keenan once thought she was the one, too. So much is at stake if Keenan is wrong. Too much.

There is only one Summer Queen. And none of the rules Aislinn's grandmother has taught her amount to a hill of bills when it comes to the Summer King's wish: that Aislinn be his -- no matter the cost.

Romance and myth collide deliciously in Melissa Marr's Wicked Lovely. From the moment the freeze-dried rose cover is opened to the last word at the end, there are unexpected turns. Most fun about this book is that though there are moments when Aislinn is unsure, but there are no fairytale damsels in distress or any victims here.

Nobody messes with the Queen.


Anonymous said...

Good review :) I run a WL fansite,, may I post this on our reviews page with a link back?

Anonymous said...

You're very welcome to link. Thanks for asking!

I LOVED this book. Oh, WOW.

Anonymous said...

I've checked this book out twice, but just haven't had the time to read it. Now I have to. Becky says so. :-)