December 12, 2007

A Devilishly Clever Plan

This book is a 2007 Science Fiction & Fantasy Cybils Award Nominee.

He stole a body. So SUE him, okay? It wasn't like the kid was going to live those three seconds meaningfully. He was dead, from the minute he stepped in front of that truck. Only, he... wasn't. Quite. Not when his body was possessed... His soul vacated the building, but... um, nobody noticed.

It was just meant to be a small, unauthorized break. His job of torturing the damned was pointless anyway. Showing people where they went wrong -- so they could whine and cry -- when there was a chance to see what existence was like? Oh, he so went with the column marked 'Existence.' Who wouldn't? And anyway, what are they going to do since he took an unauthorized vacation? Send him to Hell?

Oh -- and don't call him a demon. He prefers the term Fallen Angel.

The moment Kiriel - whose name means "mirror of souls" Repossessed the body of Shaun Simmons, he was in for a ride. Author A.M. Jenkins takes readers on a fast-paced hysterical and thoughtful week that reintroduces them to something heart-stoppingly sweet and awesome and astounding and intricate and wonderful: everyday life.

Ketchup! And baths! And ...sight. Clothing. Writing. And lust.

Kiriel knows it can't last forever. But there is so much he wants to do -- including make an impact on the Creator. Or will it be the Boss who comes for him? Has this handful of days made a difference at all?

Suddenly there's no more time to wonder. Kiriel's vacation is... over.

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