December 25, 2007


Occasionally, during the Cybils, we nominate a book into the wrong category, or publishers send books to the wrong nominating committee. Last year YA had to send an excellent read to SciFi/Fantasy, and this year, after much wrangling, some book swapping has had to happen again.

Since I'm in the UK, I've understood that not everybody wants to pay the kind of postage it takes to get a book out to me -- small and independent publishers and authors alike. So, imagine how nice it is to receive a book from a Cybils team member -- who also stuffs the box full of candy and good wishes and love, and then it arrives on Christmas Eve.

It could make a person get a bit... misty.

Able to leap tall stacks in a single bound, Jackie isn't just a super YA Cybils person, readergirl and librarian. She's also just a plain super-person and friend. Thank you, Jackie!

Psst: Did anyone else get bookish gifts? I have handmade book marks!

As a Cybils nominator, I want to express thanks to all of the authors with small press, independent, or self-published books who put in the extra effort to send me a copy of their work. We aren't really able to acknowledge individual authors, since we want to be sure everyone's work is looked at equally, but we want you to know, authors, we really appreciate it!

The Cybils clock is winding down. Finalists will be posted on the Cybils blog on January 1!!! We've been reading like crazy, and all of us will sneak in a bit of reading even today -- (since it's a holiday after all, and why not spend it doing something you love?). The End Approacheth!

Judges: be getting lots of sleep. Your turn is coming.


Little Willow said...

Happy holidays! :)

Janelle said...

Hello fellow friend of the Cybils! Though I'm on the Fantasy/SciFi judging panel and not the YA, I appreciate your suggestion to SLEEP NOW! LOL.
May you get many hours of sleep soon as well! Happy Holidays and Happy Reading! I look forward to January 1st! - Janelle

Jen Robinson said...

Jackie is the greatest!