December 05, 2007


Coloring books have always been smiled on as quiet fun in church -- but I think this is the first time the Catholic Church has put out one... and it's on how to be safe... at church. I don't know how to feel about that. I just... don't.

The Herald-Mail reports that Twilight is going to be adapted to film, followed by its sequels. Should be interesting to see who plays Edward, and how they figure out that whole shiny-granite skin thing. Hm.

The best movie news of today, however, comes from Bottom Shelf Books where Minh shares the director's comments from Disney's Ratatouille. The artistic vision -- the rodent inspiration! The... complete and utter randomness! It'll make you smile.


Sarah Stevenson said...

My guess is that the movie version will mostly ignore the shiny granite skin unless it comes up specifically--i.e., light actually shines on them.

Good thing Tom Cruise is too old. Can you imagine?

tanita✿davis said...

Well, Cruise is definitely vampiresque enough to play the role. Eew.
Trying NOT to imagine.