December 07, 2007

The lint in the pocket of the week

SF/F Alert: Tor Books has a great podcast out today, as Jon Scalzi interviews Scott Westerfeld and Justine Larbalestier (slaughtering her name genially). It's an insane conversation, of course -- from the zombies to the water to the books. Enjoy.

Further surreality can be found at in perusing the strange case of Topolino, Titty, Paperino, and Paperina, who have been counterfeiting something or other. Or so Minh says.

Via Bookshelves of Doom: the Kansas City Public Library's new Plaza Branch is PHENOMENAL. The massive bookshelf/parking garage alone gave me chills. And the people have a BULL inside. How cool are they?

Those of us (AHEM!) who have gone away to write our book on a gorgeous island beach are home again. And she took pictures! To make us all jealous!

Not that we are ANYTHING but congratulatory, of course.

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