December 01, 2007

Weekend Edition! (With Apologies--and a Link--to NPR)

On this morning's Weekend Edition on NPR, Andrea Buchanan and Miriam Peskowitz--authors of The Daring Book for Girls--talk to NPR's John Ydstie as well as five girls who made use of the book's advice. I haven't listened yet (heard the program advertised last night) but plan to as soon as I get a spare minute.

Speaking of spare minutes, if you have a few, cruise by the SF Crowsnest and check out the latest issue of the e-zine (available on the front page)--currently edited by UK sci-fi writer Stephen Hunt. A few stories down you'll see a reprint (with permission, of course) of our fabulous WBBT interview with Connie Willis. Plus you'll notice we get to be Darth Vader. Whee! Thanks, Stephen, for the great plug and for helping get the interview to more readers.

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Jen Robinson said...

Congratulations of the pick-up of your interview. That's great! And well-chosen on Stephen Hunt's part. Very cool.