December 13, 2007

A Bit of Sci-Fi/Fantasy news

The political spectrum lately is filled with people espousing beliefs -- Whatever your creed or position, you've got to love Robert Heinlen's piece on Our Noble, Essential Decency. Since we were just speaking of Heinlen, I thought I'd share this with you. It's a lovely thing to hear read aloud.(Via Locus Online.)

Colleen's pulling out all the stops with her 12 Days of Christmas booklists at Chasing Ray. Don't miss her Cabinet of Wonders at Bookslut (in training) where she reviews Indigara by Tanith Lee and Click, the collaborative novel that begins with a camera, Kristen Miller's Kiki Strike: The Empress' Tomb, and of course the awesome-super-fabulous Diary of a Part-Time Indian by the one and only Mr. Alexie.

Speaking of Sherman Alexie, Liz has challenged us to find more good reads for guys. Visit her post and leave a title in the comments. There IS good YA out there for the menfolk, despite what snarkers say.

Via SciFi SignalDarling Wesley is back -- according to Amazon's gamers blog, there's a Princess Bride GAME coming out. Can that movie actually be TWENTY years old?! Unbelievable. (NO, I did not say 'Inconceivable.' That would have been really annoying of me.) There's even a game trailer.

Also via SciFi Signal, a really intriguing round table discussion on people of color in fantasy literature at Fantasy Magazine. Authors, grad students, publishers and readers of varying hues discuss what they hate, what they love, and what they'd like to see more. I found some really interesting sideline discussions of writing colorblind, as well as a definition of default writing, where one doesn't talk about race, but then the reader assumes that the character is from the dominant culture. This is an ongoing conversation, which will reconvene next Wednesday. Join in and have your say.

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