December 27, 2007

Another Book-Turned-Movie; New Year's Goals

I just saw in a TV commercial that they're releasing a movie based on Steven Gould's Jumpers books, which feature a young adult character and would arguably be of interest to older YAs as crossover novels. I only read the first one, and I can't say it was a favorite, but it was definitely suspenseful and interesting. I'm worried they'll mangle the movie, but that's always a danger, I suppose.

Thanks to Robin Brande, I found MotherReader's post on the Airing of the Grievances in honor of Festivus. I had a few grievances this year, but I also ended the year with some resolutions for my writing, as well as revised goals for my blogging. My resolutions are fairly straightforward: continue writing and submitting my work, of course; finish the novel draft I'm currently working on; start a new novel draft, probably during NaNoWriMo; and get The Latte Rebellion accepted somewhere.

Okay, that last one isn't under my control, but still. The proposal has officially been rejected four times already, but this next time I'm submitting to the Delacorte contest. We'll see how that goes. I'm busily drawing a couple of cartoons which go with the text before I submit the manuscript, which has to be postmarked by the 31st. Yikes!!

I'm also going to be stepping back a little from blogging, which will make a big mental difference even if it doesn't make a huge difference in my actual number of posts. The plan is to limit my blogging time--kidlitosphere-wise--to two defined time slots per week, and thusly about two posts per week. That's already my average anyway, but being more focused and organized about it will keep me from excess stress, at least that's the idea. And don't worry, one of those posts will be Toon Thursday, starting next week. :) I have too much going on, so I need to be more chary with the time I spend reading and writing blog posts, much as I love it.

What are your writing resolutions and goals? Leave a comment if there are any you'd like to share!


Robin Brande said...

Stepping back from the blogging a little really will make a difference--I can attest to that. It's hard, because we all love to play out here in the kidlitosphere, but sometimes we have to make the hard choices about where to spend our writing time. So for you and me and other people who plan to write more books next year, blogging a little less just makes good sense.

Good luck with all your work next year! The Latte Rebellion sounds fun--hope it finds a home soon!

Sarah Stevenson said...

Thanks, Robin!! It's such a comfort to know that other blogging writers face the same issues. I'm looking forward to plugging away at my current projects (it's a great distraction from wondering whether Latte will find a home).

David T. Macknet said...

To quote Natalie Dee:

"Me? Oh, I've been doing a bunch of stuff, and, frankly, none of the stuff was really interesting enough to blog about, so I didn't.

"I'm not making excuses or anything, since I just write on here for fun, but ignoring the giant gap in posts would be like if I ran into you in the mall, and you had some really drastic and heinous new haircut, and I ignored it rather than pretending to like it. Or something. Like. That."

Sarah Stevenson said...

I like that. I really do.