June 27, 2007

Inside The Place

The second book in the Dreamhunter Duet, Dreamquake begins again in the alternate turn-of-the-century reality that is Southland, filled with Dreamhunters, dreams, and The Place.

Laura's father has vanished, and, with nothing left of him but instructions, she creates an assistant from some old family magic, and does the unthinkable within dreams. Her Aunt, Grace, is infuriated with her, her aunt Marta and The Great Patriarch leave her to the nuns, and Rose -- her dear Rose -- has turned her back. But Laura did what she did because she had to... didn't she? Only Nown, her trusted servant, now set free, understands, and even his comprehension is incomplete.

The compelling, labyrinthine tale winds to a conclusion with an almost audible 'pop!' as worlds tremble and things change -- perhaps for good, perhaps only ...impermanently. Readers will be satisfied with a thoroughly intelligent story - and I simply can't tell you anything more without spoiling even tiny bits of it. Though it may seem a little slow at the outset, my advice is to continue through the Dreamhunter Duet, and you'll be curious, driven, and finally, satisfied -- mostly. Elizabeth Knox has created a very unique world.

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