June 07, 2007

Enola Holmes is SUPER AWESOME, II

We catch up with Enola -- still undiscovered by Sherlock -- in The Case of the Left-Handed Lady. Since her widow outfit worked so well to escape from her brother in the past, Enola has employed it -- and an office -- as a front for a successful mystery sleuthing job. She has a secretary. She has a cook. She has a message boy... and she has a problem.

Enola is still alone, still lonely, still desperately desirous of her brother's affection, and in some ways, to be conventional and accepted into society again. She could be such a help to Sherlock, if only he didn't want to send her off to school! But Sherlock and Mycroft are closing in, and this time, they might have a point. London is DANGEROUS. Enola has the garroting bruises around her neck to show for it. Someone tried to murder her! And now the teenage daughter of Sir Eustance Austair has gone missing -- with that kind of a madman on the street! Enola knows what it will do for her credibility if she can just solve this mystery -- but time isn't on her side. Her brother's after her, and who Sherlock stalks, Sherlock finds.

But, they're both Holmes. Sherlock hadn't counted on that!

Another fun one, with a third promised for release in January of 2008. Fun, fun stuff!

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