June 25, 2007

The Big Comedown

As much as I feel a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction after the successful conclusion of the Summer Blog Blast Tour, there's also a sense of relief to get back to the routine--such as it is, in my house. For me that means essays to grade for my husband's online art appreciation classes; a poster design to finalize for the local theater I do some graphic design work for; catching up on the housework I've sadly neglected; and, of course, getting back to revising my novel. I have FIVE CHAPTERS AND AN EPILOGUE left. It seems so close and yet so far, because then I need to give it another read-through, and tighten up my synopsis, before I let the proposal leave the house.

It's sad, because I so badly wanted to have all of it done by--oh, the 16th of June, to be exact. TadMack and I had set this arbitrary deadline on the 16th of May, when I was about a fourth of the way into the revision and going strong. Then a whole bunch of other stuff happened, as is the way of things. But I still see this getting done before I leave for various conferences and such on July 21st. To quote the Little Engine That Could (a book I MUST get for my 2-year-old nephew, who is vehicle-obsessed), I think I can, I think I can...

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