June 08, 2007

48 Hour Book Challenge - Warning: Side Effects

It was just an ordinary morning in an ordinary teen's life -- that is, ordinary in a my-mom-annoys-me, snarky, Bic-pen artist kind of life. Suddenly, swollen glands aren't mono or any other social disease her mother suspects. Izzy has cancer, and from that moment on, life is a fast-forward needle-and-puke fest. And after a point, it's not just the cancer that's bumming her. There are the other Side Effects that Izzy hadn't counted on.

What does it take to survive?

I'd put off reading this novel because I have a work-in-progress of my own on the topic, but one of the truths about cancer - and survival - is that every story is different. This is the book for every kid who looked for a kind of funny 'coping' book about cancer, and this is one for the side of the heroes who survive.

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