June 20, 2007

Books, Thoughts, & Banning

In the beginning, there were readers...

And they read.

Some of them read, and were ecstatic, breathless, inspired. They said "Heck yeah!" a lot, and stabbed at the air with their fingers, and called people up to read them certain lines.

Some spent time snuffling and going back to pages marked with tissues. Quietly.
Some wished they had read long before.

Some crossed out every single "adult" word. Then went to their public library and crossed out every, single "adult" word. Then they went to the circulation desk and demanded that the book be removed. Then they went to the school board and snooped around reading lists and raised their very pernicious brand of hell to get every book removed that might have some kind of "filth" in it.

(They hadn't read, of course. Just... guessed. X-ray eyes peering between book covers. Osmosis. Superpowers nobody else has.)

Others were really, reeeeally nervous. And went away.
And thought with great seriousness. And tried not to be afraid.

Love him or loathe him, the man's books inspire thought.
Join us tomorrow for the Chris Crutcher interview, Thursday, when the Summer Blog Blast continues!

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