June 10, 2007

48 Hour Book Challenge: The Darkness Below

It feels like Phoebe has been living in the dark a long time.
Ever since her Uncle Bradford died on a camping trip -- a heart attack due to pneumonia, her mother says -- she's been in a daze. He was her favorite relative, and he gave her the beginnings of her huge rock collection. She stores them in the cubbies of a roll-top desk, also given to her by her beloved uncle. Phoebe's mother says it's time to give that roll-top away, time for them all to "move on." Phoebe thinks her mother is crazy -- in more ways than one.

Enraged, grieving, and afraid for her mother's sanity, she accompanies her Aunt Erin on a caving trip, becoming hopelessly lost when she hears someone calling her name. Is it really Bradford who meets her there? Can she believe all of what she sees?
The Glow Stone is story of loss and remembering, of never letting go of the ones we love, but of forgiving them for leaving us all the same.

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