June 14, 2007



June has made a rather abrupt appearance."Hey," I said to myself this morning. "The Summer Blog Blast is next week!" Time to make a little noise.

The Summer Blog Blast Tour is all about the books. As a matter of fact, I have made that a personal little mantra for this whole thing -- it's all about the books. 'Cause it is.

I mean, sure, we do our share of hero/ine worshiping around here, getting all breathless at the idea of having spoken with Real Live Authors, but the reason we wanted to talk with them in the first place isn't because they're borderline famous (we could watch American Idol if we were interested in that kind of famous. But we aren't. So we don't.), but because they write some fabulous books. Our whole SBBT team has, through the magical power that is Colleen from Chasing Ray, come up with an entirely awesome lineup of authors. We have the privilege of kicking things off here at Finding Wonderland THIS SUNDAY! Our first interview is an exclusive, and I'll give you a hint: this person is a Printz Award Winner and won a National Book Award recently. Yes, we have some mad love for American Born Chinese and Gene Yang!!
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There will be about ten interviews a day at all your favorite YA book blogs, and the list of authors include Holly Black, Kirsten Miller, Justine Larbalestier, Brent Hartinger, David Brin, Hilary McKay, Chris Crutcher and many more (our little poster shows who we'll be interviewing on our site only.)! We'll post links the night before, so you can "Tune In Tomorrow For..." and find out which interview you'll want to catch next. All of us checked with each other before we submitted questions to the willing authors who gave multiple interviews, so each question is a bit different -- some more whimsical and others delving deeper into the whys and hows of a particular author's writing. (We're told our questions were "hard." That might be because we're coming from the perspective of would-be authors ourselves, or because we're still trying to justify the expense of our MFA's! Who knows!) We had a lot of fun doing this, and hope that you enjoy discovering more about the authors who have created your favorite books.

The Countdown Continues!

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