June 10, 2007

48 Hour Book Challenge: Dragonsbane

Wilde Island holds a secret.

Once upon a time, a Queen, determined to have a child of prophesy, made a deal with dark powers for a daughter. And that deal got her the daughter she craved, but at a cost which not even Merlin's prophesies seem to foretell. Now that the child has been born, and is come of age to be married, the Queen is going mad, trying to find out how to cure her daughter of the price -- for it did not come to the queen, but passed on to the Queen's daughter.

Rosalind, a princess, must be perfect, but she hides a dragon claw beneath her golden gloves. And that flaw will ever seal her fate, and the fate of everyone who finds out. People have died for Rosalind's secret.

When the bloodthirsty dragons which plague the Wilde Island swoop in and carry her away, Rosalind finally understands the enormity of what her mother has done. A kingdom is destroyed. To Briar, as she is renamed by the dragon, all prophesies are off. No one can save her and she makes a dangerous bargain with the dragons in order to save her people -- if for a little while.

But is she a princess of her people, or a dragon-born maiden? And how long can she live in the Dragon's Keep?

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