June 25, 2007

Beyond His Birthright

It's always kind of sad to get to the end of a trilogy, and Amanda Hemingway's Sangreal books (reviews of part 1 here and part 2 here) have been one of my favorite recent fantasy trilogies. The first two books really drew me into the story of Nathan Ward and his strange connection to other worlds and otherworldly beings, and the third book, The Poisoned Crown, reveals the true reason why the Grandir has been watching Nathan through a mysterious unmoving star in the night sky--a reason that readers may have suspected all along, but was a surprise to Nathan.

The concluding volume also gives us the end to his mother Annie's story--for this is nearly as much her story as Nathan's, and she is inextricably involved in his destiny. When the three sacred artifacts of grail, sword, and crown are finally found, the Great Spell can be performed to save what remains of the Grandir's universe--but Nathan and his mother must ultimately decide whether to choose their own destiny, their own role in the momentous events, or let it be chosen for them.

I can't say too much without giving it all away, but this was a generally satisfying ending to the three-part story. I was very taken with all of the main characters, but I was so much in love with the first two books that, in a way, it would have been almost impossible to NOT be disappointed. Still, I highly recommend the entire trilogy for a unique take on alternate-universe fantasy in a modern-day setting.

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My list of TBR's has gotten remarkably long lately -- but I *WILL* get to this one!!