June 17, 2007

Nini Mo for President

(Once upon a time, Nini Mo and Ysabeau promised us a Dangerous Book for Girls. Think this is a kickstart in the right direction?)

Califa's not a boys v. girl kind of place -- the girls are in the Army, too, and the Rock of Califa -- the General -- is a lady. Flora's got to sew, make tamales, and enlist. However, it just so happens that Flora's a girl who wants to do something ...sneakier. Wouldn't it be cool to be a Ranger spy? Stay tuned for tomorrow's interview with the historian creator of Flora Segunda, Ms. Ysabeau Wilce~!


Erin said...

I would so read that!

Little Willow said...


Little Willow said...

If you or Ysabeau or anyone DOES move forward with this and wants contributions, ideas, lists, essays, ANYTHING - tell me! email me!