June 23, 2007

Streamers trailing, brain's mushy; party's over...

Whew, you guys, what a week! My brain's a little mushy after reveling in all of this writerly brilliance these last seven days. Thanks for dropping by for the wild week that was the Summer Blog Blast Tour. I can't wait to do it again.

Here are a few crumbs and streamers littering the floor of my brain:

ChickenSpaghetti, linked to La Bloga, where they're talkin' multicultural books, which brought to mind our recent discussion with the ever-awesome Julie Anne Peters, about which groups should write which literature for whom. If the only books children see about Hispanic culture include piƱatas and parties, the only books for Chinese-American children include dragons and moon cakes, and the only stories for African American children include watermelon and double-dutch... well, you see the problem? So, the only pictures we have of gay and lesbian children and teens should portray... what? And be written by whom?

(Random point: I have had people tell me that all stereotypes are based in some fact, so maybe we should all just give up and let stereotypes at least give people an entrance into the various cultures. I'm sure you already know my opinion on THAT -- two words. Cop and out.)

The "bad" news is, the internet is once again destroying our culture, and we're going to the dogs, er, the rabbits (via Original Content) - at least that's what yet another alarmist has said. The good news is, the Carnival is in town! Check out the offerings at A Year of Reading. I love the little newspaper dealies they concocted. Very cool.

Salon's talking graphic novels, and NPR This Morning interviewed Shannon Hale about Austenland. Shriek! MUST read that book! I'm so jealous of EVERYONE WHO ALREADY HAS. (Ahem, LW and whichever other of my bookstore/librarian Cybils sisters who have been DISCUSSING IT WITHOUT ME. Ahem!)

It's time again for another M.E.M. report - the Most Egregious Misuse of the English language I saw today was on 9th Street in my Very Own Town. Some civic-minded people have taken it upon themselves to plant signs in their front lawns, advising others to drive carefully. "Slow it Down!" one sign urges. "Drive Safe."


My kingdom for an adverb. L-Y. Is it really that hard!?
Of course not, but we most often hear that phrase, and it no longer matters that for that misuse I got red check-marks on my papers in school. Okay. I can accept that. It's wrong, but I can accept that.

At any rate, I had to save my most annoyed huffing for the next house. Its pastel-painted sign read, "15 mph~! Drive neighborly!"

There are no WORDS. I mean, I guess it could have been worse if they'd tried to parse it "Drive neighborly-ly," but... OY. Adverbs: the most misused part of speech yet.

All right, coming down off the soapbox until next time.

Thank y'all for contributing to a great week.


Anonymous said...

"Drive in a Neighborly Fashion" would take up a lot of paint, I guess.

Mary Danielson said...

Oh! You are going to love Austenland - it was waiting for me when I got back from Europe...and I finished it that night. Shannon Hale is brilliant!

Little Willow said...

Know that I'd loan you Austenland were we in the same town/workplace.

I'm forever shouting "LY!" at people...

tanita✿davis said...

Eisha, if only I knew what a neighborly fashion were... I could then suggest other words. I know I'm bein' snarky, though. (Shame on me.)

LW & MD: If you really liked me, you'd loan it to me anyway. (Sniff) Actually, I'm a book hog. I have trouble parting with ANYTHING - but I'm going to do it! That's next week: cleaning out ARC's to the library and the New Orleans project. Yay! More room for more good books!

Erin said...

Oh man, you make me LAUGH. Seriously, I cracked up reading this.