August 30, 2007

Under Radar Toon Hiatus

Well, I'm sorry to say that Toon Thursday is on hiatus this week. Mostly it's due to catching up on lots of other work--including the final looking-over of my YA novel manuscript (woo!) before putting proposals together--but I also wanted to make sure that everybody got a good look at all the fabulous Under Radar Recommendations. Yup, I'm totally selfless.

Of course, if you're jonesing for a toon, you can always check out last week's edition, especially if you missed it at the time. Meanwhile, here's a contest I ran across--Crab Orchard Review has a call for submissions out for an upcoming special issue on The In-Between Age ~ Writers on Adolescence:
CRAB ORCHARD REVIEW is seeking work for our Summer/Fall 2008 issue focusing on writing inspired or informed by the experiences, observations, and/or cultural and historical possibilities of the following topic: "The In-Between Age ~ Writers on Adolescence." We are open to work that covers any of the multitude of ways that the transition from childhood to adulthood in the teenage years defines us and, in turn, defines the world we live in.

All submissions should be original, unpublished poetry, fiction, or literary nonfiction in English or unpublished translations in English (we do run bilingual, facing-page translations whenever possible). Please query before submitting any interview.

I'm honestly not sure if that means they'd welcome YA, but I was thinking of re-tooling a YA short story I have and sending it in. Also, the Zoetrope 11th Annual Short Fiction Contest is now open for submissions, to be judged by Joyce Carol Oates. Go for it, writers!

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tanita✿davis said...

Thanks for posting this - and reminding me about the Zoetrope. I MIGHT try... maybe... you?