August 16, 2007

Just A Little News

You know, it's REALLY HARD to write a book proposal, a feat every would-be novelist must accomplish before that all-important submission. Though it's a synopsis of a story you know, it is somehow mind-sappingly difficult, and most people I know whinge and groan and fall apart about it. Even people I don't know are whinging and whining and falling apart about it. Somehow, that makes me feel better...

Kim & Jason have ideas for things to do with cardboard boxes. Eisha, take note.

I got a good laugh one day out of author Gail Gauthier over at Original Content wondering if it would be weird if she just walked into a bookstore and started signing her own books. And now we know the answer. Um, no. Via GalleyCat.

Whew! The One Shot Book Tour was officially awesome! I learned so much and have added yet more to a staggeringly long To Be Read booklist. I'm sure you did too! Stay tuned for more from the busy kidlitosphere bloggers, led by the intrepid Colleen - those rockin' Under Radar Reads will debut in just two weeks!

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Anonymous said...

I am totally taking note. I was just looking at this pile o' cardboard today wondering how much I should keep for the next time (shudder). Think I'll just make me a castle instead. Thanks for the link!