August 28, 2007

Fun for Your Inner Editor

I found a few interesting links to share with you today. Since I recently took on some new freelance editing work and may end up with some more, I was interested in self-quizzes for the AP Stylebook. I have a copy, and refer to it a lot, but I still need to sit down and actually study it at some point. So I thought some exercises might be helpful, and I ended up finding these and these. I also found a potentially very useful site called, full of exercises in grammar, AP style, and for you Most Egregious Misuse addicts, exercises in easily confusable words.

On a completely different note, don't miss the new site Cuentesitos by fellow graphic novel Cybil-ster Gina of AmoXcalli--it's dedicated to Latino children's and YA lit, but it also happens to have our SCBWI blogging presentation prominently featured at the top. Thanks, Gina, and good luck with the new blog!


tanita✿davis said...

Oh, and I have the lowdown on this one: Cuentesitos means little stories.

a cuento - is a tale

Gina Ruiz said...

Thanks for the linkage and the mention!

Much love from AmoXcalli and Cuentesitos

fusenumber8 said...

Lovely presentation on view there of your SCBWI Powerpoint. But no mention of Fuse 8? Sacrilege! To arms!

Sarah Stevenson said...

Erm...there should've been...sorry. Our slideshow queen was out sick, and we finished the actual PowerPoint approximately five minutes before the panel a few things may have gotten missed. Plus, I sent an absolute deluge of screenshots to be added to the presentation, so I didn't make things any easier! I know we talked about you. Hee hee!