August 08, 2007

Most Egregious Misuse and More

Hwy 505, just outside of Vacaville: Local Grown Peaches.
Apparently it would have killed them to add the -ly.
Oh! But there's awesome usage news -- via Bookshelves of Doom, I a.) found out about a new grammar site -- and b.) discovered that they have endoresed Junie B. Jones. So huzzah - let all children rejoice - and eventually learn better grammar.

Good reporting from A.F, the social half of the group. I'm still sort of shocked that the Mirrored Disco trio didn't win the silvery award with their blinding getup. Seriously. Did someone go Goldfinger and paint themselves?!

Via Book Moot, we may now be seeing the last Artemis Fowl. What IS it with fun series ending this year!? Why can't they, as Hank Green sang, "last forever?"

Ooh - more books! Check out the Pay It Forward Book Exchange. Fun!


Sarah Stevenson said...

This is how the Disco Mermaids didn't win...they looked silvery and fab and wonderful, but...they didn't have footmen. (More pics at the CWIM blog.

tanita✿davis said...

Oooh! Not only did they not have footmen, but the BOOKS!!!! A silver-plated Good Night Moon!! How absolutely stunning!

And blinding!!
But book related. Totally book related.

It almost looked so fun I wish... Nah.