August 16, 2007

Toon Thursday: Mature Artists...Well, You Know

I hope that my sincere apologies (and just-as-sincere admiration) for Sidney Harris will keep me from being sued for copyright infringement. Then again, I'm not sure you can copyright a phrase. Oh well.


Sara said...

Poster, please? I need this for my office!

diane said...

I saw your wonderful illustration right after reading "A Book is a Book..." on Life as I Know It

What are your thoughts on the nature of a "book"?

Anonymous said...

I'm not a fiction writer, but I have a feeling that "miracle" occurring is a long, crazy-making process for you writers! Great 'toon. Thanks!

tanita✿davis said...

You know, I read this thing about the nature of the book -- I believe that from the writer's perspective, the copyrighted text is their book, regardless of format.

The real question here seems to be what or who determines the meaning of a word: authors or publishing /marketing? Many authors I know have tried to protect by copyright their eBooks... it's not yet possible, as publishers and agents tend to work in a bloc; no one else is doing it, so individual authors concerned about their electronic rights in the future just have to wait.

Interesting discussion, Diane.