March 07, 2012

Hope for Henryville

On March 2nd, tornados ripped through Southern Indiana, killing 14 people and devastating several communities. Among the towns that were practically erased from the map was the small community of Henryville. Its elementary, middle, and high schools were torn apart, shredded, and flattened. All the books in the school libraries were ruined.

Perhaps you'd already heard the news. Lives upended and lost in the wee town of Henryville, Indiana, and books - the best vehicle to escape madness - in a sodden mess. The Authors for Henryville - Julia Karr, Ashley Hope Perez, Christine Johnson, Mike Mullin, and Josie Bloss - are Indiana-based writers who have rallied to help. They're asking for donations from the general public, with a little incentive - a drawing to give away books and book swag from YA authors all across the spectrum. YA authors are enlisted to join the effort by contacting their publishers for books - check the website for details - but here's how everyone else can get involved:

* You can donate funds directly to the Henryville library project (link will follow when the school has it set up) & tweet your donation amount with #authors4henry as hashtag. You can also email your donation amount to

* Help us get the word out about Authors for Henryville via twitter, your own website, facebook, and any other megaphones you have. Or, simply forward a link to this site to your author friends who might be interested in donating.

The important thing to know in any crisis in which you feel helpless and horrified is that there is ALWAYS a way to help - even if it's just passing the word along and telling someone about it. It's better to polish up your tiny star than to let the midnight go dark. The most you can do is your best. And that's all.

Thanks for being a star.

Artwork by David Pearson, apparently illustrating a fortune cookie saying. He could be this same designer, but I'm unsure.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting about this. It's so important that kids have access to a wide range of books at school, and it makes my librarian heart happy to see people pulling together to rebuild libraries that have been destroyed.

Ashley Hope Pérez said...

Thanks for helping us get the word out! Here's where you should go to donate:

Donors can win amazing books, so don't forget to tweet your donation with the hashtag #authors4henry or send an email with your donation to the fundraiser email at authors4henryville((at))gmail((dot))com. There will be a drawing with tons of amazing prizes that those who donate can win.

Ashley Hope Pérez said...

Psst! You can also get a donation widget to put on your website. Just click on "share" from the donation page to copy the code. Thank you again!