July 19, 2008

Out of the Frying Pan, Into ...the Magic Kingdom?

Poor Julie Marchen. She's only twelve, and already she's learned that her family keeps secrets. They're secrets that keep her mother, Zel, safely anonymous -- wouldn't the neighbors think it was weird if her hair just grew and grew? -- and they're secrets that keep the neighbors quietly uninformed about the nature of her brother, Boots, who is, after all, not exactly a house cat, and her grandmother, who is kind of a witch. No, really.

The biggest secret the Marchen's keep is the fact that The Wild, which everyone thought was just a bad dream, lives under the bed in Julie's room.

It just ate one of the Three Blind Mice. And uurped out... Julie's Dad.

Things are about to get seriously weird.

A fun and fast-paced sequel to last summer's Into the Wild, Sarah Beth Durst's Out of the Wild careens wildly through the countryside, turning the old stories onto their heads, and writing a new story -- about family, trust, hope, and the real business of "happily ever after."

(Fantasize about what OUT OF THE WILD scenes we'd best like to see in movie form here!)

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