July 12, 2008

Hard at Work

(Pay no attention to the tumbleweeds rolling by. This site IS still inhabited. Promise!)

Hello, dear readers! A sudden looming deadline has taken me away. Found out that my editor is going on maternity leave very soon. Congrats to SuperE! But alas for me, so I am taking a break from the blogworld to focus on final revisions for my second book -- for which I've just received a fabulous, glorious, gorgeous sneak preview of the cover! Check out the work of sublime artist Jody Hewgill -- she, and my book designer, Kate, have done an absolutely amazing job. I'm so thrilled...gobsmacked... humbled, to have an artist of her skill work on something I wrote!

Between frantic revisions, I am taking breaks and reading some fabulous books. I'll be reviewing a couple of them for The Edge of the Forest... Confessions of an Accidental Player has started off to be pretty darned amusing!

See you around the middle of the week...~!


Andromeda Jazmon said...

What great news for your book! Enjoy your revising.

C. K. Kelly Martin said...

Jody's stuff is so beautiful - can't wait until you can share the cover, Tad!

Sarah Stevenson said...

Wow, fabulous! Her work looks great. Ditto to what c.k. said. (And greetings from Iowa!)