July 28, 2008

Hero Status

John Wayne casts a long, tall shadow.
At least he does if you're Liliana, and your stepdad's dead, and your real dad has kind of been known to be... well, someone you're weirded out talking about, and your Mom's auditioning creepy guys to be the next dad in line.

Writing letters to a long-dead cowboy is a whole lot easier than dealing with the people who don't make the cut in the real world. Certainly talking to Mr. Wayne is easier than talking to your Mom, who thinks that every new guy who comes around is going to be a hero -- a straight talking, clean-shaven, good guy with a big white hat. She falls for that lie time after time after time, and she's fallen for it again.

Liliana isn't going to fall for anything. She knows the truth when she looks at her sister, who's pregnant, and being beaten up by her husband -- and she keeps going back. She knows it when she looks at her best friend, Nicole's brother, who is NOT a nice guy, and she knows it when she looks at her father, who sometimes forgets to FEED her. Her Mom's new boyfriend stands outside her bedroom door at night and breathes; he's definitely not someone who's got her best interests at heart. Some guys are horrible, and some adults aren't trustworthy, and really, a girl has to step up and look after herself.

What gets confusing is when Paolo, who is so very cute, doesn't make fun of Lily's John Wayne obsession, and doesn't run off just because her father is different. When Lily's Dad turns out to be someone who loves her, in spite of what he is, it cracks her heart wide open, and leaves her wobbling. Can anyone save Lily? What will it take for her to save herself?

A powerful novel, emotional, quirky and humorous novel about learning to find a safe place to lean, taking risks, and standing up to save yourself.

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Anonymous said...

I did like this one. I'm eager to read her other books now!