July 08, 2008

Words and Worlds

Wowza. Have you checked out the Sixth Annual Fire Escape Poetry and Short Fiction Contests winners and runners-up at Mitali's? Some WORDSMITHS growing up here, people. Serious wordsmiths. Wow. Third place is blowing me away. I'm a little scared to see the winners.

Laurie Halse Anderson (she of the fabulously sculpted arms) continues to encourage and badger us toward our fifteen minutes a day. It seems so little, but can turn into much more!

Via Fritinancy, a great discovery: bloggers did not make up the word 'fanboy.' Fangirl, possibly, but fanboy has been around since 1919. That the word 'edamame' has just now gained enough in terms of usage to be included in the dictionary clearly indicates that Merriam-Webster's offices are not in California!

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