July 23, 2008

Confessions of an Accidental Player

Brookband High's popular senior guys are preparing for the Senior Rituals, the annual end-o-year hijinks everyone always loves -- or so they would have you think. The rituals involve "The Alternative Yearbook" which has labels for the girls like, "Most Likely to be Frigid;" "The Graffiti Project," wherein the senior boys "decorate" the girls' bathroom with their thoughts on the senior class females. Finally, The Rituals include "The Book of Busts," which is a recording of the measurements of every girl in the senior class.

Yes. The measurements. Of every girl. In the class.

Kevin's just a geeky flautist, or, at least that's how he views himself. Will his high school experience really be complete if he doesn't join in with The Rituals? He doesn't think so, and longing to be thought of as cool just once, he joins in.

Unfortunately, Kevin doesn't know what he's getting into, and man what a tangled web he weaves. No sooner does Kevin earn himself a place in the sun, he loses everything else -- his best friend, a chance to get what he really wants, his mother's trust, and his own self-respect. Once he finds out what The Rituals entail, will he have the courage to stop the madness, and stand up for his best friend, Abby, and the other girls in the senior class? Or, will he cross the line into objectification and end up hating himself, and everyone else?

It's easier to cross the line than you might think. Read the book, and realize how easy it is to get ...BUSTED.

Coming from Flux in October, 2008!

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