July 23, 2008

Hollow Bones

He looked dead. The horrible pile of bones, which was overlaid with spider's webs and dead flies, was moving, though, and Michael wanted to be sure it kept moving. He shouldn't be in the garage -- Mum had warned him, Dad had warned him, but HE was in there, and now that Michael knew about HIM, he was his responsibility.

Dr. Death had already been coming to the house to check on his sister -- Michael needed there to be no more illness, no more trouble, no more uncertainty. He'd already had enough. If 27 and 53 was what HE wanted... well, then, Michael would figure out a way to help HIM.

Michael's new neighbor, Mina, is strange and flighty, and she knows a ton of thing about angels and birds, science and poetry. She is just the perfect person with whom Michael can share this marvelous mystery. He can only hope she doesn't take over, or tell the secret... So much can go wrong.

A beautifully lyrical story of a completely improbable friendship, David Almond's SKELLIG was the winner of several medals, but you probably won't care. You'll read it, instead, because it's just an awesome book.

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