July 08, 2008

Blogoversy Revisited!

We tend to be so happy in what we do here in the children's and YA lit corner of the blogosphere that I forget we've had our share of controversy, heated debate, snarky comments, and everything else that comes along with a thought-provoking topic. Colleen has posted a nice recap of some of this year's fun over on Chasing Ray. On the week of July 20th, she says, "What I'd love to see is many other blogs pick up on this thread and write about the aspects of children's and teen publishing that frustrate them....now is a great time for everyone to share those opinions and actually create a few ripples in the literary pond ourselves, rather than just riding someone else's waves."

Well, I'm all for making waves (though if you ask my husband, he'd say I'd rather ride the ripples down the lazy river while drinking a few beers). So tune in that week for the FW soapbox, TadMack and a. fortis style!

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