July 22, 2008

Dr. Who and SFF Geekery

Absolutely TOO COOL: Delia Derbyshire, who in 1963 was in charge of mixing the theme music for the BBC's Radiophonic Workshop's SF series, died in 2001, with 267 unheard mix tapes in her attic from the music she used to create cool swishing, spacey, swirling title theme for Dr. Who. With all of the sounds of glass bottles, wind machines, electronic oscillators and the like, this was sixties music on the cutting edge. Now BBC's Radio 4 has cracked the vaults, and oh, the ultimate fan geekery that is ensuing in this house! Delia, who, since she only did the composing and mixing, is never mentioned on the show -- is now my heroine. Rock on, Dr. Who-girl. Go,listen, and do a little dance.

Did you catch that Tor.com is giving away free stories through the 27th to celebrate their web redesign? Go! Scoop up the freebie goodness! Hat tip to Smart B's.

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Sarah Stevenson said...

Wow! Delia Derbyshire--I'll have to pass that along...