July 23, 2008

The Girl With the Leaf-Colored Eyes

The Tree Shepherd's Daughter begins the Fair Folk Trilogy.

Keelie Heartwood has high hopes for the Wildewood Renaissance Faire. She's been hanging out in her dad's "home on wheels" for a bit too long, and really would like to get out, and get to hang out with a few people her own age. Her Dad's always on her about "danger" and staying safe, and waiting for him, and it's very dull. He just doesn't seem to understand that without her buddy Raven around, she's bored, and lonely, and missing her mother more than ever. Worse, the boy she met at the last Faire hasn't called -- or anything -- and now Keelie's around more elves who look at her like she's something stuck to their shoes. It's a good thing she has the trees to comfort her.

Or, she did. But the oaks are acting really mean -- insanely so. And that horrible Elia elf has turned up again, and she's being a wicked beeyatch. The boots Keelie ordered are REALLY SERIOUSLY EXPENSIVE, and Dad isn't going to just let it blow over and pay for them. Keelie's got to get a job. She's pissed off Finch, the boss-lady around the fair, so she's in big trouble. Elia's Dad's also around, looking creepy, elven and aristocratic, and there's obviously some bad blood between he and the others.

To top everything off, she's being called Into the Wildewood... by a unicorn...

Once again, Keelie's not having quite the life everyone else is! But, this is her life, and Keliel Treetalker, daughter of the Tree Shepherd, is going to do for the Wildewood what she's got to do.

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