October 23, 2011

Marc Tyler Nobleman's Edward Ormondroyd Interview

Some days, you have just GOTTA love the internet.

A random squee I left on Charlotte's blog MONTHS ago garnered me an email from author Marc Tyler Nobleman (BOYS OF STEEL: The Creators of Superman) and a link to his Edward Ormondroyd interview!

Edward Who, you ask?

Edward Ormondroyd (I love that last name) is the author of my favorite 1963 (reissue, Purple House Press, 2003) time travel novel TIME AT THE TOP, which Charlotte so ably reviewed for an August TIMESLIP TUESDAY feature, and to which, I must admit, I wrote a very fangirl-y sequel at about the age of twelve. (And no, you cannot see it, it's undoubtedly dreadful.)

Mr. Ormondroyd's first novel, DAVID AND THE PHOENIX, has seen a resurgence of popularity due to The Boy Wizard -- a lot of boys+magic novels are going into reprint, which is All To The Good -- and as the Phoenix novel is a favorite of Marc's, he tracked the author down. Discovering that somehow Edward Ormondroyd had never before been interviewed, Marc set to it with forty-one questions. Forty-one!! The interview is - for obvious reasons - in two parts; Part the first, here, followed by its conclusion.

Thank you Charlotte, for reviewing an old favorite of mine, and thank you, Marc, for going the extra mile to actually finding the author and letting him know how much his works are loved.

It's the internet: for once using its powers for good.


E Wein said...

David and the Phoenix! I LOVED David and the Phoenix! I read it in a book-of-the-month edition that belonged to some cousin-or-other in its first incarnation! Unbelievable!

Charlotte said...

Thanks for the shout out!

Marc Tyler Nobleman said...

What Charlotte said!