October 11, 2011

Herr Einstein says, "Nominate!"

I love the Cybils also because they give me an excuse to dig up silliness I posted on the blog in 2008. Yes. I have been involved with the Cybils for that long...

How long have you been participating?

What do you like best about it, seriously? If you could give a piece of feedback to the Powers That Be within the organization, what would it be?


Saints and Spinners said...

I appreciate when bloggers have lists of books that they've not yet read, or have read but can't nominate because they've already nominated a book in said category. If I were on the ball, I'd start keeping a list of books with pub. dates that occur right after the nominations cut-off date.

Anonymous said...

As an aspiring panelist/judge type person I have no advice, but want to say I appreciate all the advice I get and the opp. to learn and grow and boy....LOVE the passion for books and reading for children and teens.