October 11, 2008

A Quantum Leap -- !

Oh, Amber's day has basically just gone from bad to worse.

It's not as if getting lost by a cemetery on the way to a party is fun -- and then falling into a patch of nettles and messing up her outfit, when she so wanted to look pulled together in front of the new girl, Trinidad, to whom she'd offered a ride to this thing. Even though she meets a boy, overhearing a nasty comment from the hostess that she's basically a loser tag-along really ruins everything for her.

Amber goes home, then.
And gets hit by a mail truck.

Some people just cannot catch a break.

After Amber's near-death experience, when Grammy Greta tries to direct her back to Life, she takes a wrong turn -- and ends up inhabiting the body of the most popular girl in school -- one who's missed a few days, due to... a suicide attempt?

Amber is disbelieving, and frantic. And, she's also... stuck.

They say you never understand a person 'til you walk a mile in their shoes.
Amber might have a bit to say on that one.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun one!

Anonymous said...

That does sound fun. WHY can I not read ALL DAY LONG? They did not tell me this would be such a problem when I was in library school.